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This Twins Fan's Reaction to a Yankees Fan Telling Him to 'STFU' is Everything

Why is this so funny

October 7, 2019

Yankees fans are starting to arrive in Minneapolis with the hopes of a clean sweep in the ALDS tonight; and if I know my fellow Minnesotans, they're being greeted with nothing but open arms and kindness.

Unfortunately, no one can say the same for Twinkies fans who sat through game one of the playoffs at Yankee Stadium on Friday. I'm guessing it must've been early on in the game when these two fine gentleman (who I totally want to be friends with) were unobnoxiously cheering on their team after a nice play, when some jerk face told them to "shut the f--k up."

Being tride and true to their boys in red, white and blue, they responded with the perfect Minnesota Nice response, "I'm sorry. You're sad, I'm happy, yeah buddy. Wooo!" 

It's just fantastic. If only they were holding up a sign asking for beer money. 

Let's go, Twins. 

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