Men's beards are as dirty as dog fur

Jovanmandic via Getty Images

Men's Beards Are as Dirty as Dog Fur But We're Still Petting Them Anyway

Dirty or not, we're still petting them...the beards and the dogs

April 16, 2019

If there's one thing I love about my boyfriend, it's his beard. In the three and half years we've been together, I've never even seen him with a clean shaven face; and even knowing that his facial hair is as dirty as dog fur, I still want him to keep it ruff and scruff. 

Yes, I just said his beard is as dirty as dog fur. That's according to a new study shared in the Daily Mail that says beards are crawling with bacteria, and nearly half had bugs that were hazardous to human health.

Researchers took samples from men's beards and some dog's fur and shockingly, they found that 100% of the men in the study had high microbial counts counts in their facial hair, and only 3/4 of dogs did. Think about that for a minute- men with beards are basically dirtier than our furry friends that lick their own private parts, eat garbage, roll around in the dirt and sometimes have several strangers run their hands up and down their fur when you talk them on long walks. 

What's worse, is that half of the men in the study had bacteria in their beards that could make you sick. 

BRB, going to buy my man some beard wash an oil.