Why Maren Morris Went to Therapy After Watching 'A Star Is Born'

The Lady Gaga film hit a little too close to home

May 22, 2019

Many of us were left shook by A Star Is Born, but it hit extra hard for Maren Morris. The GIRL singer talked with Women's Health about staying in shape both mentally and physically, and shared the aftershocks in her relationship from the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper film.

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“I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had to go to therapy" she confesses to Women's Health. For Morris, the surging songwriter who gets the spotlight and is married to a musician seemed to tap right into her own experience. "Not the substance abuse part, but there were things that happened to Lady Gaga’s character that happened to me. That movie rocked us both. We were like, ‘We can never end up like this. Cool?’”

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This year, I’ve been a “student of the soul.” Going to therapy, exercising, listening to my partner better, putting my phone down & really enjoying the company of my friends & family when I’m home, trusting my intuition on those I should lean into and those I should avoid, making amends with people (even when it sometimes feels futile), admitting when I’ve screwed up, finding joy during my shows and not overanalyzing every move or word, meditating through my anxiety, letting myself remain open in a society that likes to magnify and mock vulnerability, learning to just EXHALE... and I feel so much better + finally feel the positive effects of this lifelong process. Thank you @erinoprea for teaching me that it isn’t about carb paranoia or deprivation, it’s about moderation and enjoyment in tandem with my hard work. I’ve never loved my body more because I finally feel strong in these quads. ---- & thank you @lizplosser + @WomensHealthMag for the honor of being your June covergirl! --------‍♀️✨

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The singer also talks about quitting some habits to help improve her career. “It used to be such a stress reliever” she says about smoking cigarettes, which ultimately began to impact her vocals. “It’s a gift to sing well and make people emotional, so I don’t take it for granted.”

Maren does talk about her marriage to Ryan Hurd, discussing the changes that occur as a relationship evolves. "Sometimes you think you know all there is to know about somebody, and then a year happens and you keep surprising each other.”

They go on to mention that the couple is interested in having a baby one day, but the crazy schedules between them might be the biggest hurdle. Morris is currently continuing her GIRL World Tour in Europe. She will return for a string of festival dates in the US next month. You can see her full list of upcoming shows here.

Maren Morris is also nominated for three awards at the upcoming 2019 CMT Music Awards. Her video for "Girl" is up for Video Of The Year, and she will also be performing on the show on June 5th.