Are The '90s Officially Back?

June 27, 2018

As a kid the '90s were by far the best time to grow up. I remember running home from school to watch whatever was on Nickelodeon. Well, Nickelodeon announced that Double Dare is making a comeback on Nickelodeon, and they had the first episode air on June 25! As a '90s kid I am soooo excited for this! 

Now that Double Dare is back, it's time to bring back Guts and Legends Of the Hidden Temple please! If it doesn't feel like the '90s are back, this will! Remember the VERY popular '90s snack from Planters called Cheez Balls? They are coming back but only for a limited time starting in July and will be available in 2.75-ounce canisters that will sell for $1.99.

I would say the '90s are officially where did I put my clear Pepsi?