Grown Men Need To Stop Doing This At Baseball Games

July 23, 2018

It's no secret that I am a HUGE Cubs fan, being from Chicago and all. Yesterday a foul ball was hit and the third base coach decided to toss it to a kid. Well, the kid missed the catch and it rolled under his seat. Then, the thing I dislike most happened. Check out the video below!

What kind of grown man steals a ball away from a kid! He did give it to the woman who was with him, but even she looked at him like why did you just take that ball from that kid! So of course, all of Twitter called him out (including me).

Lucky for the kid, there was a happy ending. Players definitely see what is going on in the stands, and Javier Baez, the second baseman, was the one who saved the day this time! After the game, he gave the kid not 1, but 2 baseballs and one of them was autographed!


I mean it is fun to catch a foul ball, but it's a lot more fun giving the ball away to a kid and seeing a huge smile on their face. Grown men, stop stealing balls from kids, no grown man needs a foul ball!