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I Know I am Not The Only One Who Watched The Yule Log Channel On Christmas, And Did This

December 26, 2018

During our family Christmas party last night, after the gifts were all opened and food had been eaten, it was time to relax and watch the fireplace channel. I know, I know, that doesn't sound too exciting, right? But we like to play a game where we guess and critique when and how the mysterious man in charge of the fire puts logs on the fire. Those of us who were watching would cheer when he came to the rescue of the dwindling fire and put another log on the fire, and sometimes we got lucky and got 2 logs at once! What got really exciting was when he used the poker to adjust and move the new logs. You're probably thinking this has to be the lamest thing ever, when in reality it has become a pretty dang exciting Christmas night game. Check out the video below...I wonder if next year we could make this a drinking game!

BTW, shout out to the guy who puts the logs on the yule logs on the fireplace channel! 

Cheered on the guy who put the Yule log on the fireplace channel!

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