Morgan Evans Isn't Quite Convinced About Getting Matching Tattoos With His Wife, Kelsea Ballerini

September 4, 2018


Country artists love connecting with their fans, which is what makes country music such an awesome genre. Kelsea Ballerini had some extra time on her flight to a recent show, and spent it answering fans’ questions. Once she got her refill of wine, she was ready to answer some more. I thought that was a good time to send over my mine. 

Here’s a little back story to this question: at the BUZ*N Half DUZ*N, Lucas and I were talking to her husband, Morgan Evans, about getting a tattoo and as convincingly as we could be, we said we would go with him to get one. He quickly said that his wife would kill him if he got a tattoo without her. He also said that she probably wants to get matching tattoos.

So we had Morgan’s side of the story, I wanted Kelsea’s too!

Morgan saw the tweet and quickly responded. 

Obviously, I had to reply with a gif that depicts the facial reaction I think I would’ve gotten. I think I hit the nail on the head.

Would you get a tattoo with your spouse? If so, what?