Too Much Football? Yet Another League Called the FFL Is on the Way

December 7, 2018

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he NFL's ratings have been up slightly this year, after falling off a cliff the past few seasons. But do we really need three MORE pro football leagues? Yesterday, a group of 50 former NFL players announced that they're launching the 'Freedom Football League,' or FFL. So we'll have FOUR different leagues now.

The other three are the NFL, the AAF, which stands for Alliance of American Football, and the XFL, which is coming back in 2020. The AAF was announced earlier this year. It's a new SPRING league, which hopes to be a farm system for the NFL, like the minors in baseball. It's starting in a few months.

The former NFL players behind the FFL include Ricky Williams, Terrell Owens, Simeon Rice, and Jeff Garcia. Obviously they've all got skin in the game.  But FFL teams will also be partially owned by the PLAYERS on each team, and by the FANS.

One other unique thing about it is they'll be encouraging players to talk about, quote, "HOT-BUTTON ISSUES." So will kneeling be welcomed? They've haven't announced a launch date yet, so we're guessing it WON'T be in 2019.  But games will be in the spring and summer, so it won't directly compete with the NFL.

They're starting with 10 teams: 

The San Diego Warriors . . . the Oklahoma City Power . . . the Portland Progress . . .

the Texas Revolution . . . the Birmingham Kings . . . the St. Louis Independence . . .

the Ohio Players . . . the Florida Strong . . . the Connecticut Underground . . . and the Oakland Panthers.