Dog Owners Prefer Pics of Their Dogs Over Their Spouse

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Minnesota Dog Owners Prefer Pics of Their Pooch Over Their Spouse

Admit it, you have more pictures of your dog in your phone right now.

February 22, 2019

Reading this from a PC? If you are, I want you to go grab your phone and scroll through your photo album. Is it safe to say that you have more pictures of your dog than you do of your spouse or significant other? Probably. But, don't feel bad, because according to a new study, dog owners take more pictures of their dogs than they do of their mates. 

Fox 9 says the study, which was done by, found that 65% of us prefer taking pics of our pooch because DUH. Look, if your spouse looked at you the same way that your dog did 100 times a day, they'd probably give the dog a run for his or her money.  Not to mention, most humans don't like having their picture taken when they're sleeping; so there's that. That's just being creepy. 

The same study also found that over half of pet owners would end their relationship if their dog didn't like their partner, a quarter of dog moms and dads make up songs about their furry friends, and nearly half of people have a harder time leaving their pet than they do their spouse.