Nebraska Flooding

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Minnesota Farmer Desperately Needs Our Help to Save Dying Animals in Nebraska Flooding

Nebraska needs the Wolf Pack now more than ever.

March 19, 2019

If you're someone who pays close attention to the news, you've probably already seen that the state of Nebraska is experiencing historic flooding. It is so bad that 74 cities and 65 counties have declared a state of emergency. 

Personally, I don't think it's getting the coverage that it needs, but I've seen the devastating images of towns and cities completely underwater; elderly people being rescued with their helpless pets by boat and the one thing you don't ever want to have to think about- people and animals dying. 

I spoke to Heidi Olson, a farmer and real estate agent in Houston, Minnesota, and she is on a mission to help the farmers who are being impacted the most. Heidi says that in order to save the animals, especially horses who are losing foals because they're giving birth in flood waters, they are in dire need of hay. 

Here's what she needs: central drop off points for hay delivery. She's been trying to contact the state fairgrounds, she also mentioned interest in Rochester and Cannon Falls; anywhere where farmers can bring bales of hey.  

Heidi plans to head to Nebraska herself this weekend, but she said trucks can leave at any time. Ideally, she'd like to fill up semis, which can haul 20 bales. It doesn't matter if you can bring one, three or 300; she just wants to help the farmers and animals in need. 

We are confident that with the Wolf Pack's help, we can help Heidi achieve her goal. If you know someone who can help with hay or providing a drop off location, you can contact Heidi directly at 5074504394.