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Mandy James

Minnesotans Were Asked to Explain 'Uff Da' to Transplants and the Responses Were Spectacular

Uff da, there are a lot of meanings for "Uff da"

March 6, 2019

Imagine moving to Minnesota from California. The transition can't be easy, especially when it comes to adjusting to the weather. You basically need an entirely new wardrobe, quite possibly a new vehicle and you'll need to learn some new lingo. 

According to Redditor, Aaliyah, she's a Californian living in Minnesota and she couldn't help but notice that the coffee mugs at Caribou all had Minnesota stuff and sayings on them. She says that she's heard people say "You betcha" but she didn't know what "Uff Da" meant; so she asked and fellow Redditors chimed in with their definitions of this popular Minnesota saying. 

Here are some of the best

"when you step outside and get smacked with -20 degree winds, uff da" 

"If you fall asleep in the beach in the summer and get burnt to a crisp, uff da"

"When your girlfriend turns to you and accidentally smacks you in the gut, THAT's Uff da!"

"It's an expression that can change meaning purely depending on inflection. Often used to substitute "whoa!" or "damnit" or "for god's sake" for instance."

"Uff da is similar to "holy cow""

"Uff da" is that it's an exclamatory remark of Scandinavian origin that doesn't really have a specific meaning in current context."

"I put the car in the ditch. Uff da"

"It's like "wow, that sucks"

"If I kick you square in the nuts. Uff da that hurts!"

"When you overeat on Thanksgiving and then still wash it down with a Nordeast, uff da."

"When you lock up your brakes but still slide on ice through the stop sign, uff da"

"If Homer Simpson was from Minnesota, instead of saying "Doh!', he would say "Uff Da!"

What makes say "uff da?"