Trader Joes

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The Most Popular Item at Minnesota Trader Joe's is Overflowing With Gooey Goodness

The most popular item at Trader Joe's in Minnesota might surprise you.

February 21, 2019

What I'm about to say might come as a shock to you, and I'm almost embarrassed to admit to it, but I've never been in a Trader Joe's. 

I think I've eaten some corn salsa from there, but it was only because someone brought it to a party I was attending; and from what I remember, it was pretty delicious. 

You know what wasn't at that party? The most sought after item in Minnesota Trader Joe's stores; which according to Bustle is the Chocolate Lava Cakes.  Have you ever had one? 

They must be pretty good, because people have taken to Twitter to say things like, 

  • “I'd eat a turd if it was covered in dark chocolate. #trader joes treats” try the chocolate lava cakes in frozen dessert section .
  • "Pretty sure Trader Joes molten chocolate lava cakes was the best thing my microwave (& I) have ever encountered. Magic in the mouth!
  • "Buying these chocolate lava cakes from Trader Joes was probs the best decision I've made all day."
  • "OMG,microwavable chocolate lava cakes from trader joes are SO awesome when you have a wine buzz going. (plus vanilla ice cream, natch.)"

Well then, I guess that settles it; looks like I'm off to Trader Joe's for some dessert.