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Natty Light Wants to Pay You to Drink Beer This Summer

Good grades not necessary

May 9, 2019

Things sure have changed when it comes to college internships these days. 

For a lot of us who went to college between 1997 through the early 2000s, an internship meant you were working your ass off all summer long, fetching coffee, making copies and getting paid in "experience."

Fast forward to 2019 and kids these days are not only getting paid to intern, they can actually drink on the job too.  According to Thrillist, Natural Light is officially accepting intern applications for an 8-week summer internship that involves attending events, playing around on social media and designing "sick swag."  The pay, $40 an hour! Well, sort of.

After being told by a Natty Light rep that the pay was equal to an annual starting salary of $83,200, Thrillist did the math and it equates to $40 an hour; break it down even further and it's roughly $12,800 for the summer. Not to shabby. 

Know someone who is "Natty qualified?" Tell them to apply here