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New Hope Police Department Issues Hysterical Criteria For Coyote Sighting Calls

August 15, 2019

Anyone who's on a neighborhood Facebook page has definitely seen a coyote post. You know the ones, "Please keep your cats inside. I had a coyote in my apartment parking lot in the middle of the day," or "I saw a coyote running in the sod fields off of Hanson, north of Dover Kennels around 8pm. Be careful with your pets!!!" 

Those posts are often accompanied by a security camera footage, a blurry photo from a smart phone and a thousand comments about what you should do if you see one in your neighborhood. 

Naturally, most people call the police. From there, police will typically send out animal control to monitor the situation. But, the New Hope Police Department isn't your typical police department. 

According to their Facebook page, when it comes to coyote calls, they have a list of behaviors that one should be looking for before you call the authorities:

- Coyotes transporting packages marked ‘ACME’ or ‘TNT.’
- Coyotes lurking in high places, particularly when carrying an anvil.
- Coyotes in possession of a catapult.
- Coyotes using unusually large magnets,
- Coyotes painting roadways or detours where they don’t exist.

We love it.