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Poor Girl Thinks Guy Is Hitting On Her, Turns Out He Thought She Looked Like Buzz Light Year

We're laughing too hard at this

July 12, 2019

To infinity and beyond embarrassment. 

When someone asks for your phone number, it's just human nature to assume that they want it because they're interested in you. You give it to them, and anxiously wait that those three or four days for that first call or text, and when you finally get it, there's this rush of excitement and anticipation for the very first date. 

Surely that's what Emily Baumgartner in Valparaiso, Indiana, was hoping for after her personal trainer asked to take her picture and then asked for her phone number. One might chalk this up to their trainer wanting that kind of info to share your progress, or in Emily's case, the possibility of a romance; but she was way off. 

According to Mashable, the trainer really thought that she looked like BUZZ LIGHTYEAR . . . and he texted her a picture where he Photoshopped her face onto a picture of Buzz.

She shared the photo on Twitter and it blew up. 

If this really was his way of trying to flirt with her, he isn't very good at it.