rose flavored berries that taste like wine

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Rosé-Flavored Berries That Taste Like Wine Are Here to Sweeten Summer

Rose all day

June 18, 2019

Summer 2019 is shaping up to be one of the best ones ever. We've got inflatable speedboats for less than $300, ginormos rainbow sprinklers for the backyard patio parties and now this- rose flavored berries that taste like wine- perfect for those of us who have a more sophisticate palate from when we used to just eat fruit soaked in cheap vodka for 24 hours. 

According to People, you won't actually get that blush color in your cheeks you actually get from drinking rose, but the strawberries are a blush color and they were created by a team of scientists to taste exactly like a glass of the warm weather wine. Driscoll’s says these paler strawberries and raspberries “contain sweet, peachy notes capped off with a soft, floral finish” and that their “texture perfectly complements a hot, summer afternoon.” And this is one rosé you really can throw back all day but not have the severe hangover for the next day...or three if you're like me. 

There's no word on exactly where you can buy them, but I would keep my eyes peeled at all of the grocery stores that sell Driscoll berries, which is pretty much all of them. Maybe look by the cotton candy grapes!