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Rosedale Mall Hangs Up the Leash on Sunday Morning Dog Walks

You only have one Sunday left to walk your dog at Rosedale Mall.

February 20, 2019

A few weeks ago on the Wolf Wake Up Crew we covered a Facebook Fight in which a woman was looking for a place to walk her dog indoors because it was too cold to walk them outside; and you wouldn't believe the outrage. People got pretty upset because they thought having a dog indoors could possibly trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions for those who suffer from them. 

Seems like a legit excuse to take the tail out of retail; and so is this- not picking up after your dog. 

According to Bring Me the News, because mall employees were having difficulties picking up all the dog poop that was left behind during their Sunday morning dog walking days, Rosedale Center has decided to cancel the event. 

In an announcement made on Monday, the mall says,

"Dog lovers: We have loved sharing our Sundays with you. Unfortunately, with our recent renovations and the inability to recover the center before it's open to the public, we have to cancel dog walking."

That's some pretty ruff news for dog owners. 

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