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This Saint Cloud Cathedral Crusader Hockey Player is All Of Us Heading into the Work Week

We're heading into another work week like...

March 9, 2019

Growing up, watching the Minnesota High School boys hockey tournament on TV was something I looked forward to every year. 

The introduction of the teams was definitely the highlight because you got to see what all the boys looked like without their helmets on and you hopefully got to witness that rare moment when someone slipped and fell on the ice. 

Thankfully, for players back in the 90's, there was no such thing as a viral video or a meme, so the only constant reminder they had of any embarrassing moment on the ice came as a reminder from your mom or razzing from your teammates.

Obviously times have changed and players like Jon Bell will go down as being internet famous for slipping and falling on the ice, or in this case, I like to call it coming in too hot. 

According to Bring Me the News, Bells fall on the ice quickly became a meme and next thing you know it went viral, making Bell the "high school meme of the year."

I think I've watched this clip about 100 times now and I thought the perfect caption was, "sliding into another week like..."  You're coming in hot, thinking you're ready for the big week ahead, and then you fall on you a--...seems about right.