Kerfoot Canopy Tour

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Shakopee Woman Gets Stuck On Zipline; Calls 911

What was she thinking?

May 22, 2019

A Shakopee woman really crossed the line last weekend when she broke into a ziplining park after hours and got herself stuck on the wire. 

According to SW News Media, the 21-year-old allegedly broke into Kerfoot Canopy Tour with a climbing harness and took herself on a little joyride. One would like to imagine that she immediately asked herself, "what was I thinking" after stepping off the platform and then panic must've set in shortly after, when she realized she couldn't slow herself down. 

After sustaining some minor injuries from trying to stop, she got stuck on the platform and couldn't get herself down; that's when she called 911 and local authorities just couldn't let this one slide, so she was arrested after refusing medical attention.