Target Allowing Employees to Wear Jeans

Mandy James

Shoppers Mistaken for Employees After Target Changes Employee Dress Code

You might want to avoid wearing red and denim to Target.

February 18, 2019

Ever walk into a Target store with a red shirt on and get mistaken for an employee? If you walk around the store long enough (at least 30 minutes), eventually people start to think that you're actually the store manager. 

I should know, because it happened to me once, which is why I decided to just finally get a part time job there.  I wasn't a manager, but I did get to unload trucks at 5 am, stock soft lines, and take advantage of the employee discount.  It was a pretty sweet gig. 

A gig that would've been much sweeter if I could've worn jeans, which according to WCCO, is officially happening. 

Going forward, every day is a casual day, and Target employees can now choose if they want to wear khakis or jeans; they just have to be wearing a red shirt. 

With that said, your chances of being mistaken for a store employee the next time you're in Target just increased by 150%.