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Someone Created a Minnesota Version of the #Trashtag Challenge and We're Totally Up For It

Let's see how clean you can get your mailboxes and sewer drains.

March 13, 2019

With rain moving into the Twin Cities and the entire state being under a flood watch, it is so important now more than ever, that the sewer drains are open. There’s just one thing- if your street is as snow covered as mine is still, you’re having a hard time finding them.

That’s where the #trashtag challenge comes in.

Originally created to inspire young people to pick up garbage and post the before and after photos on instagram, the now viral challenge has been given a Minnesota twist.

It’s simple, instead of bagging garbage, you bag snow instead.

Minnesota Trashtag Challenge
Courtesty of SwiftJustice88 via Reddit

Obviously you wouldn’t bag snow, but redditor SwiftJustice88 wanted to incorporate their own humor and fun into all the snow we’ve been getting, and I’m totally on board with it.