Bud Light is Stocking Our Freezers this Summer with Freeze-A-Rita Pops

Maybe summer won't be a total wash afterall

May 20, 2020
Bud Light Seltzer, Bud Light popsicles, Bud Light Freeze-a-ritas

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With all of our country concerts and festivals being canceled this summer, the WOLFPACK needs at least one thing to look forward to; don't you think? 

Well, here it is: According to Simplemost, Bud Light is selling Freez-A-Rita pops to pass around at your next social distancing backyard bbqs and driveway dance parties. 

Just make sure you put them in a separate cooler for the grownups because the popsicles have an alcohol by volume of 8% and they look just like the freeze pops you enjoyed as a kid; the last thing you need is a tipsy toddler at your next party. 

The Freeze-A-Ritas, which come in two flavors- strawberry and lime, will be available in stores later this month.