Drunk Minneapolis Man Forgets Where He Parked His Car, Offers Reward to Find It

July 20, 2020
lost car

Getty Images


A Minneapolis man either had the best night of his life, or the worst last week. 

According to a post on Reddit, a man by the name of Luke,  has been posting signs all over north Minneapolis, searching for his lost car.   The paper flyer says, "I got too drunk, parked my car and rode with my friend. We think it's somewhere in the northern parts of Hennepin County. Parked on a residential street. If you know of or have seen this car, please call Luke or Melissa." 

The flyer included a photo of a Toyota Camry, plate number 413 TEK. 

There's even a reward for the person who finds the car. No word on how much it is. 

Must've been one hell of a night. 

As far as whether or not the car has been found, 18 hours ago (Sunday, July 19th), someone asked if it had been found and offered to make a commercial to help him find it. An email has been sent to the original poster for an update.