Essential Workers share how the Wolfpack can make their life easier

Here's what you had to say

April 24, 2020
Man in face mask disinfects grocery shopping cart

Getty Images / SbytovaMN

We reached out to our community to ask "essential workers" in our communities: What can we start or stop doing right now that will make your job easier? and the responses came in quickly! It's clear that many employees as essential businesses are working hard, but need some affirmation that they're doing a great job. 

Well, we're here to tell you: THANK YOU! 

Becca says, "Stay home! We all need to do our parts to stop the spread," and added, "I would love to not have to wear an uncomfortable face mask my entire shift." 

Jayme encourages customers to "be patient with all of us and do your part that's simple and stay at home so we can get our normal lives back. Be thoughtful of us and let us have access to the little things like hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes."

Lisa's advice is simply to be "kind and understanding."  Ashlee agrees. She added, "Just be nice- the stress on everyone is so overly high right now." 

If you have banking to do, Janet recommends that you "use the ATM instead of coming to the bank to get your 40.00! Utilize remote banking to deposit checks as well." Susan agreed, adding, "STOP asking “is your lobby open yet?” There is no reason to come inside if you can do your transaction from your car." 

Nancy and Jenny had similar advice about what you do inside the store. "Quit wearing medical gloves in stores and touching everything! You are just spreading germs," said Jenny.  Nancy agreed, adding, "Quit touching your mask and face with your gloves hand and then proceed to touch products that u may or may not buy. Make it easier by just washing your hands before u come into and store and as soon as u get home."

On the other hand, Samantha has some of the most sage advice: "Quit coming to McDonald’s at 3 am and ordering 80 nuggets 8 Mc chicken." 

'Nuff said, lol.