Women in Woodbury Named Karen Are Being Victimized by Meat

June 15, 2020
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Imagine opening up your front door and someone has left a bag of meat on your front door step.   

Where did it come from? WHO did it come from? Why did they leave it on YOUR doorstep? 

These are all questions being asked by Karens in Woodbury; and we mean real Karens- their names are actually Karen...AND, they're also vegetarian.   

According to Greg Thunder's Next Door app, a woman named Karen reached out with a formal complaint and asked for some answers. 

Karen says: Meat? Hello everyone, I've been getting some sort of trickery in my neighboorhood. Every day I come here, there is a different bag of meat on my front doorstep. I am a VEGETARIAN!! This is not OK. Is this happening to anyone else? 

Shockingly, it was happening to another Karen who was getting rotisserie chickens left on her doorstep, and she too, is a vegetarian. 

Comments came flooding in and there was a theory that maybe this was a case of mistaken identity; perhaps the person leaving the meat thought Karen was in need of food because she was facing financial hardship due to the coronavirus. 

Nancy says: Maybe it's mistaken identity? Maybe they believe that person is in need right now, and maybe they don't know you're a vegetarian? 

Sharon chimes inWait. Someone is leaving meat for Karens? 

That's when it was revealed that there was another kind of doorstep scandal in Woodbury. Not too long ago, someone was leaving vegetables placed in sexually suggestive positions for their neighbors. No one wanted to go into detail because they were so focused on the matter at hand- figuring out the meat mystery.

Lisa says: I don't think I'd eat that if I was starving. You never know where that meat came from. 

Karen then reveals that her own son ATE the meat, but was still suspicious of where it came from. 

Geoff had the line of the post saying: Maybe they just want to "meat" you in person LOL. 

Karen tries to laugh it off and responded: You are more disappointing than an unsalted pretzel. 

At least she's trying to have a sense of humor about it. 

If you know who's leaving meat on Karen's doorstep, please stop. Or don't.