Local Camper Rental Company Provides Needed Temporary Housing to Frontline Workers

April 10, 2020
Fractional toys 2

As the Twin Cities continues to battle the coronavirus, a NEW need has developed--temporary housing FOR the very people that are caring for us--our frontline workers.  It turns out that nurses, doctors, police officers and many other frontline workers are faced with a tough decision each day when they get done with work--either come home and potentially expose the rest of their family to anything they may have encountered during the day (including potentially COVID-19) or find another place to stay the night--in some cases even in their car.

That's where local company Fractional Toys comes in to help.  They're an RV rental company with all sorts of campers, motorhomes, icehouses, and other RV's that would normally be put to use for fun/recreational activities which are now being used as actual HOUSING for these first responders and essential employees!

"It started with one request for a nurse in Woodbury and then word got out!"  owner Rick said of the company's donations.  They also joined a facebook group called "RVs 4 MDs to fight the corona virus" as news started to spread that this need was developing at not only a local basis but on a national level--the group has over 10,000 members.  Rick continued by simply stating "We just feel that this is our way of helping out" 

Pictured here are 3 scenarios this week:

1. Maurine and her husband Martin, who is an RN at St. Josephs.  Martin had literally just woke up so we could deliver the camper, after working a shift last night. They have 3 kiddos.  Delivered to Cottage Grove.

2. Local wolfpack police officer whose wife is a lawyer with 3 kiddos.  He has been bouncing around sleeping in different places, even his CAR, to keep his family healthy, as well he wants to maintain health so he can work, since we need him! 

3. Donation of a camper to a nurse whose husband, he’s a chef, is high risk during Covid-19.  She was so grateful and the Apartment manager at The Barrington apartments was super helpful and nice as well. He is the one that took the photo!

Nice work Rick & Tenille for doing your part to help out!

Fractional Toys 3

Fractional toys 2

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