Lip Syncing Seniors in Blaine Send Message of Hope with Heartwarming Video

This is the best lip sync video you'll see all day

April 15, 2020
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With seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities unable to accept visitors, like you, they're trying to find ways to stay active, busy and hopeful. 

Many, if not all of us, know how hard that can be; but the residents and staff at Crest View Senior Communities in Blaine have found a way to do all of the above- with a music video. 

Watch as they share messages to their family and gleefully lip sync to Rachel Platten's "Stand By You." 

The video, which has already been shared over 200 times, is bringing smiles to everyone's faces and the staff is receiving a lot of praise for all of their hard work in keeping the residents safe, healthy and happy. 

Thank you for uplifiting message of positivity and joy, Crest View!