Maple Grove Woman Creates Car Decals to Spread Joy Amid the COVID Outbreak

Lyuba has taken #AWorldofHearts one step further

April 14, 2020
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Lyuba Kluczynski via Facebook


As you walk through your neighborhood, you'll notice a sea of hearts plastered across your neighbors windows. Or should I say, a world of hearts? 

By now, you've heard of this movement that is taking over the world where people place paper hearts in their windows, garages and anywhere for everyone to see; and the hope is to spreading some love, happiness, and a sense of solidarity to let our neighbors that we're all in this together. 

In Lyuba's neighborhood in Maple Grove, they're spreading positivity and creating memories by taking those hearts from their front windows tot the back windows...of their cars. 

According to CCX Media, Lyuba turned her hobby of making window decals and prints for t-shirts into a way to pay it forward during the coronavirus outbreak; she's now making #aworldofhearts decals for cars...and for free. 

Not only did her neighbors glady accept one, they started to donate money to the project and now, Lyuba is using those funds to give back to people on the front lines and in need. Most recently, she used her donations to buy dinner for ICU nurses at the Maple Grove hospital; next she plans to help homeless students at Park Center High School in Brooklyn Park. 

If you'd like your own decal, or just want to contribute to the cause, you can connect with Lyuba on her Facebook page here.