More Karens in Woodbury Are Getting Porch Meated

This is such a rare occurance

June 21, 2020
cub foods, cub foods pulled pork, karens going wild

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For the second straight week, Greg Thunder's next door app is blowing up with posts about random women named Karen being left meat on their doorstep. 

In today's episode, a new Karen says: Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone know who would put a whole tin foiled container full of pulled pork on my DOORSTEP!? This is the third time it's happened this week and I'm getting very concerned. It's very good pulled pork, but excuse me...I don't know if I should thank someone or be concerned...seriously???

David is the first to respond with, "another Karen meating? Wow, this is crazy. Look at all the other posts; it's happening to a lot of Karens."

Some people were shocked that she eluded to the fact that it was "good pulled pork." Did she eat it?

Allison says: If this is legitimately happening, are you telling us that you're actually eating random food that was mysteriously left of your doorstep?

Nate agrees as he exclaimed, "wait, you ate the porch pork!?"

Karen sheepishly admits that Allison and Nate have a very good point, but explained that, "they've been in Cub Foods bags, so I thought they'd be OK. Maybe I should've called the manager."

We're not really sure what's going on here, but Ben has a theory, "it's a peace offering to all the Karens; in hopes to appease the gods and beg for mercy in the upcoming restaurant wars."