Natty Light is Launching 'Natty Daddy' Lemonade This Summer

When life gives you lemons....

June 17, 2020
Natty Daddy Lemonade, Natty Light, Natty Light Seltzer, Natural Light Beer, Natural Light Seltzer

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When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade; make a lemonade malt beverage that will juice you up this summer.  

According to Whiskey Riff, that's exactly what Natural Light is doing with their new Natty Daddy Lemonade. 

If you love Naturdays and their line of seltzers, you'll probably really love their lemonade even more- it has an 8% ABV. Just what you need for long; hot Saturdays on the boat, floating down the Apple River (people still do that, right?) , drive-way dance parties and backyard BBQs.  They come in two sizes- 16 oz and 25 oz

And with a name like "daddy" you can bet that it's going to be out just in time for Father's Day; and you can win your dad an entire summers worth with their Natty Daddy sweepstakes. 

"Natty Daddy Lemonade wants to help you show your appreciation for Dad this year. Share a favorite pic of your father figure on social media using #NattyDaddyLemonade and #sweepstakes and you’re in the running to win a summer’s supply of Natty Daddy Lemonade for you and Dad to enjoy*."