Being in Quarantine May Lead to the Death of the Bra

July 7, 2020
quarantine may lead to the death of the bra

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You know how we used to joke about millennials "killing" everything? Over the last decade they've been blamed for killing everything from cereal to department stores.

Now, we have the coronarivus to blame. 

According to The Guardian, working from home has given women a pretty good excuse to get comfortable with doing away with the uncomfortables, like...their bras; and not surprisingly, a new survey revealed that women have zero intention of returning to days filled lifting and separating, stabbing underwire and snack retrieval. (What? You've never found popcorn in your bra before?)

Does this mean that the death of the bra is inevitable?

It depends on who you ask; but with the increased popularity of athleisure wear and the likelihood that we could continue to work from home forever, most women say they never want to wear a bra again. 

What about you? Are you ready to say goodbye to your bras?