Victoria's Secret; Bath & Body Works Set to Close Hundreds of Stores Across the US

So long semi annual sales

May 21, 2020
Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret closing 250 stores, Bath and Body Works Closing 50 stores

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The secret's out- Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale is about to become a liquidation sale at 250 of its locations across the US and Canada; the same can be said for 50 Bath & Body Works stores.

According to, L Brands, the parent company for Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works, reported that with locations being closed to COVID, their brands saw a 37% decline in sales in the last quarter.

As of right now, we don't know which locations will be permanently closed; but there is good news- the online stores will remain open...unless they end up having to file for bankruptcy at some point.