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Thriller Like Short Film Perfectly Sums Up the 'Reason People Never Leave Minnesota'

This video is so accurate that it's scary.

March 18, 2019

This past Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting my boyfriend's "Minnesota family." His mom was born and raised in Coon Rapids with the exception of his mom, they all still live here in the Otsego area. 

Our first meeting was for dinner and a movie, and it was at dinner that Jason got his very first taste of a true Minnesota goodbye. It took 45 minutes to get from the table to the parking lot, and I thought that had to be some kind of record. 

The farewell started with a "wow, it was so great to see you, thank you for inviting us" as we were sitting down, then as we got up, we stood around for another 10 minutes talking about the weather; as we moved to the lobby of the restaurant, we talked for another 15 minutes about what our plans were for the rest of the weekend; that turned into chatter about the rest of the vacation itinerary and once we got to the parking lot, we of course had to talk about the horrible road conditions before finally getting in the car and making our escape. 

If we made a movie about the entire ordeal, it would look something like There's a Reason People Never Leave Minnesota; a short film I found on YouTube by the Z-Fest Film Project that accurately describes the long Minnesota goodbye. It's so accurate, that it's scary, which sets the tone for the entire video.