Help Levi get his wheelchair back

It was stolen from a vehicle and customized for Levi

September 25, 2020

On a serious note - we’re asking you for a favor today. 

2 year old Levi has Cerebral Palsy and his wheelchair was stolen from him and his family in West St Paul the other night.

We’re asking for you to share the post on our Facebook page in hopes that it will be found.

We reached out to his family and they told us that the wheelchair is a little over $5,000 and customized for Levi’s body and his special needs. They are desperately waiting for his chair to be found or returned and that they are at the mercy of whoever took it. If it’s not found or returned, it will need to be replaced. The family is hoping that the chair turns up as a new one would take around 6 months to be completed and customized for Levi

If you have any information, please contact the West St Paul Police Department.

Please help Levi get his wheelchair back!