water bottle warning

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Water Bottle Warning Issued as High Temperatures Hit

Did you know water bottles could do this?

July 19, 2019

If you have bottles of water in your car, you'll want to remove them immediately. 

Yes, the need to stay hydrated this time of year is extremely important, but so is keeping your car from starting on fire. 

According to Fox 17, leaving a plastic bottle of water in your steamy; hot car and in direct sunlight can start a fire in a matter of a couple of minutes. 

But how? 

Firefighters say that when the bottle is filled with water all the way to the top, a magnifying effect is created between the water and plastic, and it could potentially set upholstery and other flammable items in your car on fire.

If you need to keep water in your car, it's best to leave them in the trunk, a cooler or at least of our direct sunlight if you have to keep them up front with you.