Wisconsin man in panda suit sparks 911 call by neighbor who reported 'a big teddy bear'

© Jan Gerrit Siesling | Dreamstime.com

Wisconsin Man Dressed as a Panda Prompts 911 Call After Being Mistaken for a Suspicious Animal

It's absolute panda-monium.

March 5, 2019

Boy, it has been a week filled with bizarre 911 calls. Late last week Jordan police responded to a call of a motionless man standing in the cold; holding a pillow, only to find that it was a cardboard cutout of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell; and now there's this news out of Muskego, Wisconsin:

According to Fox News, one man's attempt to play a prank on his neighbors turned into "panda-monium" after a woman called to report seeing a suspicious animal at a neighbors front door step.

The panda, who couldn't bear the thought of being identified, just wanted to be a little extra when dog sitting for his neighbor; he never expected that it would turn into such an ordeal. 

Thankfully his neighbors confirmed that there's no longer a threat of a teddy bear pandemic to the neighborhood and he was indeed allowed to be at their home.