10 of the Best and Worst Responses to the New Hands Free Law

You either love it or hate it

August 2, 2019
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It's only been one day since the new Hands Free law went into effect and people have already taken to social media to express a frustration, outrage and of course, their sarcastic comments. 

Here are some of our favorites from day one: 

  1. Paul,  Cool. Now can we ban the people shoving hamburgers and fries down their mouthes while driving?
  2. jeff, Stupidest law ever...no one is ever going to follow it...its like giving an alcoholic a mixed drink.
  3. Cale, I had to use a hand to call the police while driving today, I was so emotionally confused.
  4. Kunal, Why is the driving slow law not getting any coverage?
  5. Rex, Can I still drink a pop?
  6. Anthony, Love it; I feel safer, but it only takes 1 fool!
  7. Ashley, I've been waiting for this day FOREVER!!!
  8. Maureen,  When they start taking away licenses after someone's first dwi then I will be ok with this law.
  9. Tichie, I just hope it works, a lady gave me a finger for calling her out texting while swaying to my lane! It made me sad ;now she gonna get it!
  10. Ebra, I think some people will need to put their phone in their trunk while driving, until they get used to not looking at it.

How did you do on day one of the new Hands Free and Slow Poke law?