10 Stereotypes About our State That Minnesotans Just Don't Agree With

We sound nothing like the actors in "Fargo."

March 13, 2019
Minnesota Stereotypes

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People have some serious opinions about Minnesotans; especially when it comes to our willingness to live in the land of 10 million mosquitoes, -35 below zero temps and 40 inches of snow. It's actually what makes us so resilient and gives us our character...two things that I think we can all agree on when it comes to Minnesota stereotypes. 

But according to Reddit, there are several stereotypes about our state that many Minnesotans don't agree with, and these were the top ten:

1. We sound like the actors in "Fargo." Truthfully, we really wish people would just stop saying that...even though we secretly love that people still acknowledge it. 

2. It snows year round.  Just stop. We get it, you think it's always cold and snowy here; it's not.  We get 96 days of sunshine and 70 plus degree weather and we know how to take advantage of it. 

3. That we say "ope" instead of "excuse me." There are thousands of people who've lived here their entire lives and have never said "ope." We still think it's cute that you know it's our thing, though. 

4.  That we're good drivers.  Despite what all those surveys say, most of the state can't drive. At least we like to think that we have the suckiest drivers, but we'll never acknowledge that we're one of them. 

5.  We're Canadian. Just because we occassionaly say "eh" instead of "oh yah" and we're both known for producing cold weather and hockey players, it doesn't make us Canadian. 

6. Grape and Watergate are our favorite salads. There are some people who live here that have never eaten a grape or watergate salad, and there's people who don't even know what they are. For the record,they are both delicious and they don't even contain lettuce. 

7. We're all Minnesota nice. We're good people but we're typically only nice to your face...because it's the right thing to do. 

8. It takes us at least a month to learn how to drive in the snow again. It actually takes the entire winter sometimes. 

9. The only mall we shop at is the Mall of America. Simply not true. In fact, we'd rather chew our right arm off than go to the MOA. Too touristy. 

10. We only eat lefse, lutefisk, and hotdish. This may have been true when our great grandparents were alive, but we've evolved to eating for more than that. 

What stereotype about Minnesota do you disagree with?