14 Things Minnesota Visitors Would Immediately Get When They Stepped Off An Airplane at MSP

We'll take one of each

April 17, 2019
Welcome to Minnesota

AlexLMX via Getty Images

Do you have a daily routine? Of course you do. 

If it's anything like mine, you start by going to the bathroom, let the dogs out, get ready for the day and then jump on your phone to peruse Facebook, Twitter, your email, and in my case- Reddit. 

That's where I found this fun; thought provoking question about state traditions. 

Redditor, TheKittyKow shared the question that asks: 

"People getting off planes in Hawaii immediately get a lei. If this same tradition applied to the rest of the U.S., what would each state immediately give to visitors." 

Here were the top 14 answers (in no particular order because a Jucy Luicy should be much higher on the list), including some of my own: 

1. An absurdly polite personal tour of the entire state. 

2. Tater Tot Hot Dish

3. Bread Bowl filled with chicken wild rice soup

4. hand warmers

5. A heavy jacket

6. Food on a stick

7. A  pair of choppers

8. Ice scraper for your rental car

9. A passive aggressive welcome 

10. Post It notes from 3M

11. Target gift card

12. Hockey puck

13. A pair of Zubaz

14. Juicy Lucy

What do you think Minnesota visitors should get?