15 Things You Can't Bring With You to Garth's Show This Weekend

You don't want to miss a minute of this show over your purse

May 2, 2019
Garth Brooks US Bank Stadium

John Medina via Getty Images

Back in March, when Blake Shelton was in town, my boyfriend and I got tickets at the very last second; there was just one thing holding us up- my boyfriend's knife. 

This happens to us quite often. We'll get to a venue, tickets in hand, and we're turned away after standing in line forever  because he always seems to forget to leave his knife in the dang car. 

Don't be my boyfriend this weekend when you get to US Bank Stadium; make sure that you have the bare minimum to get in without an inspection. 

According to a Tweet from U.S. Bank Stadium, the clear bag policy will be in effect, and this also applies to Trisha's Tailgate. 8 items will be permitted with inspection, but there are 15 things that are prohibited. 

Not pictured- #15- a knife!