5 of America's Poopiest Beaches Are Right Here in Minnesota


July 24, 2019
dirtiest lakes in the US

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Welcome to Minnesota, the "Land of 10,000 Lakes"...five of which have the dirtiest beaches in the country. 

That's according to USA Today, which just released a list of the "most troubled beaches in 29 coastal and Great Lakes states."

Germaphobes, look away, because it was found that 75,000 swimmers were sicked last year by water that had high bacteria accounts due to one major culprit: poop; both animal and human. Gag. 

So, how does it get there? Not like you think. 

Experts say that fecal matter comes when sewers overflow or when fecal waste on streets washes into streams or creeks that flow to lakes or the ocean. Nasty. 

Obviously more needs to be done to clean up our lakes and oceans; but if they're not clean, many states and counties are pretty good about posting warning signs about high levels of pollution and closing down beaches when needed. 

Here's where you might see the most warnings or closings, because these 5 beaches were named the dirtiest in Minnesota:

  • New Duluth Boat Club landing, St. Louis (16 unsafe days, 37 samples)
  • • Near Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, St. Louis (10, 29)
  • • Agate Bay, Lake (5, 17)
  • • Twin Points Public Access, Lake (4, 16)
  • • Flood Bay, Lake (3, 14)

Closer to the Twin Cities, these are the five lakes that have already closed this year: 

  • Thomas Beach 
  • 32nd Street Beach on Bde Maka Ska;
  • Lake Hiawatha Beach in Minneapolis;
  • Excelsior Beach on Lake Minnetonka, 
  • Roseville’s McCarron beach