5 Things You'll Need to Be Crowned the Next 'Mrs. Minnesota' According to the 50s

We sure hope you can bake and sew

April 8, 2019
Mrs Minnesota Pageant

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It's Sunday night and I just looked over at my boyfriend and said, "so, what do you want to do for dinner tonight, babe?" Without hesitation, and with a little bit of groaning, he said, "well, I guess I'm gonna have to get up and cook something aren't I?"

I shrugged and said, "well, I took us out to eat on Friday and Saturday night; that has to count for something, right?" 

Honestly, I feel bad for him. This is probably why he hasn't married me yet- I don't cook; in fact, I would make a horrible housewife...and would definitely not be crowned the next "Mrs. Minnesota" if it was in the 50s. 

According to this post I saw on Reddit from Redditor suspect309, if you were a finalist to be "Mrs. Minnesota," you would need: a cake that you baked, an apron that you sewed, be articulate (as you'll be interviewed by judges); you'll also need a formal gown and the most important thing of all: a husband. 

The finalist instructions start by saying, "I'll bet that your husband is so proud that you were selected as one of the top 12 homemakers out of 500 entrants in Minnesota..."

Mrs Minnesota
Courtesy of suspect309 via Reddit

It's so laughable that it's just plain cute; a lot sure has changed since then...except for the fact that this is one contest I'll never win, husband and baking skills or not.