8 Minnesota Towns That Don't Quite Live Up to Their Name

August 26, 2019
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If you were born and raised in Minnesota, you know that we have some pretty unusual, and hard-to-pronounce town names; but have you ever thought about the towns and cities that don't exactly live up to their name? 

Redditor pyckle999 raised the issue with a short post that calls out Moundsview, saying, "Minnesota town names suck. As a non-minnesotan now living here, I was extremely disappointed to find out that you cannot in fact see mound from mounds view."

So, what other towns in Minnesota don't really mean what their name suggests it does?

The top 8 comments on the thread include:

  1. Moundsview- "because you can't view a mound there."
  2. Nimrod- "There are in fact, no nimrods that live here." 
  3. New Hope- "Grew up in New Hope, there wasn't." Maybe it should be No Hope?
  4. Climax- "Doesn't at all live up to the hype."
  5. Maple Lake- "Maple Lake does not have a lake of maple syrup."
  6. Sleepy Eye- "The lack of hotels in Sleepyeye, MN infuriates me to...zzzzzzzzz"
  7. Mound- "Head over to Mound where there aren’t any mounds. I used to live there." 
  8. Savage- "Savage is anything BUT savage." 

What other towns would you add?