Ahoy, Matey! You Can Rent a Whole Real-Life Pirate Ship on the Mississippi River

August 26, 2019
Pirate Ship Airbnb, rent pirate ship in Minneapolis

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Arrrrr me matey's, prepare to walk the plank and find some booty as you and your family or friends set sail for a swashbuckling good time on a real-life pirate ship on the Mississippi River. 

According to Insider, the 65-foot long ship is available for rent at $300 a night on Airbnb; and it's just minutes from the Minneapolis International airport. 

It includes modern amenities like wifi and air conditioning, hammocks, hidden nooks, pirate decor, costumes (or you can bring your own) and more. 

Guests have said that it's a "one of a kind experience" and it's perfect for theme, birthday and surprise parties. 

If you'd like to book it, you can book your stay here