Bacon S'Mores are Here to Make Backyard Bonfires Beyond Better

Why didn't we think of this

July 18, 2019
bacon smores

Getty Images

Surely you've heard the saying, "bacon makes everything better," or is it, "everything is better with bacon?" 

It doesn't matter the order of the words, what matters is that it's the truth; and these bacon s'mores are proof. 

And we're not talking about just adding bacon to the ooey-gooey goodness between two graham crackers, we're saying the bacon is the graham cracker. 

According to Whiskey Riff, we all feel stupid for not thinking of doing this along time ago because they're so darn easy to make; you just weave some pieces of bacon together, sprinkle it with brown sugar and bake at 425 for 25 minutes. 

Once your bacon weaves are done baking, bust out the bonfire making materials, roast your marshmallows, pile on the chocolate pieces, and enjoy.