Blaming Yourself When Things Go Wrong Is Doing More Harm Than You Think

It's time to be nicer to yourself

May 1, 2019
anxiety disorders

fizkes via Getty Images

Are you constantly blaming yourself when something goes wrong? 

I am the worst at this; and it doesn't matter if it's at work, at home, or if it's something that's happened to someone else in my family; I will find a way to take the blame because I put so much responsibility on myself to make everyone happy. 

If I would've done more, or did things differently, maybe things wouldn't have gone sideways in the first place. The "what ifs" can be crippling and according to a new study, it's doing way more harm than we think it is. 

According to Fox 9, people who are hard on themselves are "more likely to develop obsessive compulsive disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder." Additionally, the found that those with OCD are tortured (yikes, this is harsh) by negative thinking, and those of us who are anxious worry about everything. Big sigh, isn't that the truth?

Experts say the first step to breaking this bad blaming behavior is to first question why you're being so hard on yourself, and then try giving yourself a break.