Boozy Piñatas are Here to Complete Your Summer Backyard BBQs

It's about time someone created these

July 16, 2019
pinatas with booze

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If you have some sort of party or event coming up soon and you're wondering what you should bring, forget the cheese tray or dessert; you really need to bring one of these- a piñata filled with travel-sized bottles of booze. 

According to the company’s website, it's called a Nipyata, and you can order them pre-made online and have them delivered straight to your door. The term "Nipyata" comes from the so-called "nips" stuffed inside. Get your mind out of the gutter, people! Nips are simply 50 mL bottles of your favorite liquors. 

You can customize your own Nipyata, right down to choosing the shape and type of little nips you want stuffed inside. 

Don't be fooled - while the Nipyata certainly looks like a normal pinata, they are strictly for adults. They each can carry up to 8 pounds of liquor inside and can withstand the force of many adult-sized, drunken swings. These things can really take a beating. 

To answer an obvious question - the nips are all made from plastic bottles, making your Nipyata goodies virtually shatter-proof.

Does your party have a theme? Even better. The Nipyata even comes in a variety of designs including a slice of pizza, a graduation cap, and the very NSFW Peen-Yata for naugty bachelorette parties. You can also choose how many tiny bottles of booze you want inside. We'll drink to that! 

Guys, can you believe that #CincoDeMayo is just around the corner - where has time gone? I don’t know about you, but we’re so ready to celebrate, and what better way than a @nipyata? I saw @lifebysyd enjoying it last year and I had to get my hands on one! I mean can you think of a better thing than a piñata with candy and BOOZE? ------❤️---- #nipyata #nipyatalove #boozy

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