Brave Minnesotan Admits to Eating the Last Cookie from the Break Room

How dare you!

June 19, 2019
Hyvee cookies

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I get to work every morning around 4, and to my surprise yesterday, there was a Tupperware container filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies; it looked like it had barely been touched. 

Since there were at least thirty cookies in there, I took a couple...OK, I took 4, but that's not the point. The point is, as I was driving into work today, I was curious as to what I would see in our kitchen this morning. Knowing Minnesotans, I was wondering if there would be one cookie left; and then I contemplated that if there was, if I should eat it or not. Nobody ever seems to want to be THAT guy who eats the last of anything in work break rooms and kitchens. 

To my surprise and dismay, the cookies were all gone. I wondered, "who got the last one?"

If I worked with Redditor, framerotblues, it probably would've been him or her. I know this because they just came right out and admitted to eating the last Hyvee coconut pecan cookie in the "work lunch area."  GASP! 

Other redditors were shocked, asking things like "You mean you asked everybody in the office if they wanted it and when they all said no you cut it in half right?" Nope, they didn't want it to go to waste, so they ate the whole thing. 

One transplant from Iowa showed his support and said, "My coworkers left ONE QUARTER OF ONE DOUGHNUT in the breakroom the other day lol. But I'm born and raised in Iowa so i had to finish that right quick."

Redditor joeschlep showed his disapproval by chiming in with, "You should’ve cut it in half you A hole."

Which is exactly what I would've done if there was one cookie left in our kitchen. 

It's OK to take the last cookie, BTW, just don't tell anyone.