Busch Beer Lovers Can Win a Wedding Officiated by the Hot Busch Guy

You'll also get a $25,000 wedding gift

May 22, 2019
Busch Beer Wedding Contest

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If you listen to the Wolf Wake Up Crew, you might've heard that our very own PT is a licensed reverend; and if you ask him really nice and promise him a plate at your reception dinner, he'd be more than happy to be the officiant for your big day. 

If, for some reason, he's not available that day, you could always try booking the Busch Guy- you know, the extremely handsome and modern looking Paul Bunyan who takes us on refreshing adventures through fields and streams while drinking a Busch Light? According to Whiskey Riff, he could be available...but only if you win the Busch Wedding Contest.

Should you win, the Busch Guy will officiate your wedding, bring the beer and ice cold cash to help you pay for the wedding- $25,000! 

The contest is officially underway and you only have until 11:59 on May 31st to submit your entry.  You can enter to win here

If that doesn't work, you really should consider calling PT.  Contact him here