Busy Moms are Relating So Hard to This Minnesota Woman's Snow-Filled Minivan

Guess she forgot to see if the doors were shut...

February 25, 2019

Courtesy of Stephanie Hokanson via Facebook

Has this ever happened to you? You leave your house and you get a few miles down the road, and you start to ask yourself, "did I leave the garage door open?" 

You're already too far to turn back and you're feeling pretty confident that you did, so you speed on and spend the entire day at work. It crosses your mind a few times throughout the day,  but you remind yourself that it's part of your routine to shut the garage door, so there's no way it could be open...except it was. Thankfully no one noticed, or they did, and they were kind enough to not help themselves to your stuff- this time. 

This might've been exactly what was going through Stephanie Hokanson's mind after she and her family came home from their weekly family night on Saturday; only Stephanie wasn't thinking about the garage doors, she was thinking about her minivan doors, which she thought her fiance would take care of after she told him to shut the van door. He must not have heard her because this is what they woke up to. 

Stephanie says, 

"Everyone was really tired and it had already started to storm so we brought all the kids in and I had asked my fiance to shut the door and he didnt hear me ( I thought he did) and he just assumed I shut the door when I brought in our youngest! We had the door wide open from 9:30 PM to 9:30 AM during this terrible blizzard we are having in SE Minnesota. Once the wind dies down enough to actually stay out there longer then 20 minutes I plan on cleaning it out with a shop vac and I will probably have to replace carseats depending on how wet they are. But that is the plan. I have already dug out a total of about a foot of snow. It's crazy but all my fiance and I can do is laugh."

After being shared nearly 500 times, other parents are chiming in stating that not only are they laughing with Stephanie, they're feeling relieved to know that they aren't the only ones who've been caught up in miscommunication and confusion and have actually done the same thing.